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Fut San Lion Dance

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Black lion with an iron horn, trimmed beard, and green face. They believed that through the noise of the drum and the presence of courageous lions would scare away illnesses. The two styles of southern lion vary in their movements and dance.

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The chinese lion dance is performed accompanied by the music of beating of tanggu (drum) (in singapore, datanggu), cymbals, and gongs. Drums and lion dance crewpage: A stage performance during our association annual anniversary dinner on 15/12/08.tittle:

Move pointer over the image to zoom in. Our club focuses primarily on the practice of the fut san jong style lion dance; In singapore, the southern lions are usually southern lions.

The choice of hollywood films, american museum of natural history, opera america, confucius institutes. Ancient old style fut san southern liu bei lion dance head and costume complete set. A typical lion dance troupe consists of five to seven people, the minimum being five.

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